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Women's Softball Since 1981

The PPWSL is an instructional softball league for women, trans, and non-binary adults 18 and over with games played on weekday nights in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Founded in 1981, the league strives to be inclusive and supportive of people of all abilities and skills united by the love of the game. 


The league has 4 elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Each of the fourteen teams elects a representative to attend monthly league meetings.

Board Members
Vice President

PPWSL Player Handbook

Below is a link to the 2024 PPWSL Player Handbook. It has been updated to better reflect our league's goals and intentions. This is a living document that should grow with our community. If you are interested in creating additions or changes reach out to your team representative to start the process at our monthly meeting.

View Player Handbook


  • Vision Statement
  • Summary of League
  • By-Laws
  • League Rules
  • Gender Inclusion Guide
  • Spirit of the League
  • Code of Conduct
  • Grievance Process
  • Draft Protocol
  • Tournament Guidelines
  • Player Waiver Form

Other League Documents

This is your point of entry to all important league information.

Google Drive

All league documents are stored here, organized and managed by the league secretary.

View Google Drive

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Missed a meeting? Want to know what's coming up? This is for you!

View Meeting Agendas and Minutes

USA Softball Rulebook

PPWSL follows the modified-pitch rules as described by USA Softball;
important exceptions to the rules are detailed in the PPWSL player handbook. 

View USA Softball Rules

Game Day Protocol

Everything you need to know on game day: rain delays, field conditions, umpire payments, forfeits, cancellations,
darkness rules, etc. If you read this, you will be a game-day nerd and the hero of your team.  

View Game Day Protocol

PPWSL Health Guidelines

This document details important public health related information to keep our community safe and sound. 

View Health Guidelines

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